The Humanist Association of London and Area (HALA) is no longer in operation.

This site serves as a record of HALA's history, an archive of its publications, and a contact point for possible future Humanist-related events in the London (Ontario) area.

After a successful run of nearly 20 years, it was decided at the end of 2019 to disband the organization, due to a lack of sufficient volunteers for the board of directors. HALA's charitable status was discontinued and remaining funds were donated to local charities.

This website is maintained by Rod Martin, past president of HALA.

Overview of this Website:

  •  Go to About Us to find out what HALA was all about.

  •  Go to Humanism to discover more about Humanism in general.

  •  Go to Meetings for a list of the dates, speakers, and topics of our past meetings back to 2004.

  •  Go to Enlightenment to download past issues of The Enlightenment, our "mini-journal" which was edited by Don Hatch from April, 2005, to October, 2020. This is a treasure trove of interesting, informative, and thought-provoking articles on a wide range of topics!

  •  Click here to download An Enlightenment Compendium, a compilation of some of the best articles from The Enlightenment over 15 years of publication.

  •  Click here for an overview of HALA's history from a past issue of The Enlightenment.

  •  One of our long-time members, Goldwin (Goldie) Emerson, writes frequent articles relating to Humanism for the London Free Press. Go to Emerson to download copies of his many insightful and thought-provoking articles. New articles that he publishes in the Free Press in the future will be added to this archive collection.

  •  Although there is no plan to try to revive HALA, in the coming months we are hoping to be able to organize some more casual (and less labour-intensive!) get-togethers for Humanists in the London area. Past members and friends on our local-area Humanist mailing list will be notified of future Humanist activities. To get on this list, go to Contact Us.

Please explore these pages to find out more about HALA's past and about Humanism in general!