Welcome to HALA

We are a group of people from southwestern Ontario, Canada, who share the view that humans can live a meaningful, ethical, and joyful life without belief in religion or the supernatural.

If you believe in reason, compassion, critical thinking, science, justice, integrity, equality, and tolerance … welcome to our community!   Click here for information about our next meeting.

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Next Meeting:

Wednesday, April 10, 7:00 pm

Connecting People and the Universe

  Dr. Pauline Barmby  

Although we often think of the universe as a hostile and uncaring place, astronomy brings people together in unique ways. In this talk I’ll explore the ways that astronomy brings us together and illuminates our connections to the universe. An associate professor in Western’s Department of Physics & Astronomy, Dr. Pauline Barmby studies nearby galaxies to determine how their stars, gas, dust, and black holes affect each other.

All are welcome!

$2 donation at the door

Stephenson & Hunt room, Central Library
251 Dundas Street, 7:00 pm

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Upcoming Meetings:

June 14:
        "Donald Trump & Western Liberal Democracy"
        Prof. Charles Jones, Political Science, Western

Sept. 13:
        "Complementary and Alternative Medicine"
        Prof. André Lachance, Biology, Western

HALA at the Pride Parade

HALA members and friends marching in the Pride Parade in London, Ontario, July 27, 2014.

Winter Solstice Party

December 14, 2013.

"I am a Humanist"

A light-hearted musical tribute to Humanism.

What's New?

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Dan Barker (front row, right) with HALA Board members at the Wolf Hall event, June 2014.

HALA Board member Brad Banks promotes Humanism at the Westmount branch of the London Public Library.

"How Can I Be Happy?"

A short Humanist video exploring happiness and the meaning of life, narrated by Stephen Fry, produced by the British Humanist Association.