The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment was started in April, 2005, as a 'mini-journal' for HALA by its editor, Don Hatch (DAH), who also served many years as president of HALA. At first, it was published quarterly in January, April, July and October, but in later years Don was able to produce a new issue every month, filled with many interesting, informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking articles on a range of topics of interest to Humanists.

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An Enlightening Compendium

A selection of some of the best articles published in the Enlightenment over 15 years of publication.
Provides a representative overview of Humanist thought from Don Hatch and other members of HALA.
Click here to download this 159-page e-book in pdf format.

October 2020

Donald Arthur Hatch: May 20, 1930 – September 24, 2020 * Have a Heart * Three Paradoxes * The Incredible Human Body and Mind * Human Achievements * Where Are We Now?

September 2020

Two Book Reviews - 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus and 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created by Charles C. Mann - book reviews by Don Hatch * What about Canada?

August 2020

The Future of Humankind * Addendum

July 2020

An Enlightening Compendium - an ebook (pdf) edited by Don Hatch. This is a selection of some of the best articles published in the Enlightenment over 15 years of publication. Provides a representative overview of Humanist thought from members of HALA. Organized into several topic areas: Humanism, Secularism, Science, Philosophy, Religions, Ethics and Morality, Equality and Inequality, Four Book Reviews, The Last Days. Interspersed with poetry, quotations, and humour.

June 2020

What the World Needs Now – Competent Leaders * The Pandemic * Christian Students Challenge Enlightenment Column, Columnist Challenges Students – by Duncan Watterworth

May 2020

Galaxies * The Good, the Bad, and the In-Between * Some Good Things * A Few Bad Things * The In-Between

April 2020

In Defence of Atheism: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism and Islam by Michel Onfray - Book Review by Don Hatch * Living With a Lesser God, But Working On My Tan - by Duncan Watterworth

March 2020

Equality * Dichotomy * The Importance of Kindness in Ethics - by Goldwin Emerson

February 2020

Water - by Don Hatch * Are You a Humanist? - by Duncan Watterworth

January 2020

The Pale Blue Dot - by Carl Sagan * What an Amazing Wonder, This Pale Blue Dot: How Did Our Planet and We Humans Come To Be? - by Donald Hatch * The Universe * The Human Times * The Last 500 Years - From 1500 until Now * Me

December 2019

Twenty Years of Humanism in London - 2000-2019 * The History of the Humanist Association of London and Area * A Selection of Photos Taken at HALA Events

November 2019

Humanism - Simplicity Itself * Increasing Inequality * Global Warming * Gaia - Goddess of the Earth * A Conscious Universe * The Oxford Divine - poem by Andrew Szemeredy

October 2019

Proselytizing and Evangelizing - Is there any Difference? * Proselytizing in Canada - Indigenous Residential Schools * Missionaries * Missionaries at Your Front Door * Evangelizing

September 2019

Humanist Canada Essay Contest: William Kirk Takes Second Prize * The Right to Knowledge: Using Literacy as Defence against Tyranny - by William Kirk * Conveniences * What Has Technology Wrought - and What About Science? * Evolution or Revolution

August 2019

Christianity: A Series of Human Inventions - by Don Hatch * Atheism and Islam on the Rise in Britain: Poll

July 2019

World's Happiest Countries 2018 * Democracies * The Mueller Report * Teflon Trump and King Trump

June 2019

Tiers of Humanist Associations and What They Do * International * National * Provincial * Other Humanist Associations * Local Humanist Associations * More on the Word Humanism

May 2019

Aristotle’s Way: How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life by Edith Hall - book review by Don Hatch * Aristotle Versus Plato: Is Plato Responsible for the Founding of Christianity? * When Those Death Thoughts Intrude: What would the 16th Karmapa do? - by Duncan Watterworth * Is Death Really the End?

April 2019

Spirituality Includes Many Concepts Beyond Religion - by Goldwin Emerson * Philosophy Must be Dragged out of the Ivory Towers and Down into the Market Place of Ideas - by Aaron James Wendlend * Meditation: For the Birds and Beyond - by Duncan Watterworth * Atheism and Atheists * The IHEU Has a New Name

March 2019

The Gretta Vosper Story * Origin and Usages of the Word Humanism * Will Wars Ever End? * What is a Good Life?

February 2019

Misinformation - Now and in the Past (DAH) * How I Became a Humanism - by William Kirk * Blasphemy Laws Repealed * Did Morality Evolve from Animal Instincts? - by Duncan Watterworth

January 2019

Are Populism Politics Threatening Democracy? - by R. Michael Warren * Humanism and Democracy (DAH)

December 2018

A Tribute to Retiring HALA President Rod Martin * Have a Happy Winter Solstice

November 2018

21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari - book review by Don Hatch * Very Interesting Predictions: Will They all Come to Pass? * Are We Driven by Prehistoric Tribal Instincts? Shouldn't We Know about That? - by Duncan Watterworth * HALA Happenings

October 2018

Contested Celebration - poem by Henry Beissel * So, Where Do We Go From Here? * Imagine our Economy as a Game of Monopoly - by Jill Richardson * Looking for Solutions * By Secular Standards, the Catholic Church is a Corrupt Organization * A Great Quote from Gautama Buddha

September 2018

Wonderful Things * Not So Wonderful Things * Reason and Beliefs About the Silver Tsunami - by Carol Matthews

August 2018

Food for Thought * Why Bashing Religions is Non-productive * An Eye for an Eye - by Goldwin Emerson * Humanism in Iceland - by S. N. Stuart

July 2018

Honesty is the Best Policy for Leader - by Goldwin Emerson * From Singularity to Infinity, A Roundtrip Through Epistemology - poem by Kate Jones * The Ongoing Evolution of HALA - by Don Hatch

June 2018

Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress by Steven Pinker - Book Review by Don Hatch

April 2018

How America Went Haywire - Review of Kurt Andersen's book Fantasyland by Don Hatch * The Absolute Paradox (DAH)

March 2018

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari - Book review by Don Hatch * Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, by Yuval Noah Harari - Book Review by Magrit Alm * What Lies Ahead? * Income - Expenses = ?

February 2018

This is the 100th Enlightenment * A Personal Assessment of Humanism - by Don A. Hatch * A Review of "Democracy and Its Crisis" by A. C. Grayling (DAH) * What is Stoicism? (DAH) * Looking back on the Enlightenment (DAH)

January 2018

What a Wonderful World * Scopes Trial Narrative Would be Same Today - by John de Lancie * Touchdown Jesus' Replacement Ready to Hug Snowbirds - by Duncan Watterworth * Finally, An Effort to Reform Islam - Will it Work? - by Don Hatch * How China Retains Power - by Peter Hartcher

December 2017 - Special Issue

HALA Winter Solstice Celebration * Winter Solstice Meditation 2017 - by Rod Martin

December 2017

Defiant Earth: The Fate of Humans in the Anthropocene - book review by Rosslyn Ives * Canadian Beauty from Sea to Sea - by Goldwin Emerson * Christmas Spirit is Alive and Well -- Even with Hindus, Muslims and Atheists - by Duncan Watterworth * Freedom From Religion Safeguards Liberty - by Annie Laurie Gaylor

November 2017

The Protest that Made Our World - by Barney Zwartz * Hume's Deathbed: No Recanting for David - by Dennis Rasmussen

October 2017

Announcement: How Muslims are Embracing the 21st Century * A Philosopher Explains Humanism and Other 'isms' - by A. C. Grayling * A Statue Enlivens Evolution's Argument

September 2017

All About HALA * HALA History * The Aims and Purpose of HALA * The Future * Post Modernism, Populism, Fake News, and Alternative Realities - by Goldwin Emerson

August 2017

Amazing Life * Humanism and the Challenges of Our Times: e.g., mass extinction - by Rosslyn Ives * Buddha in the Bible Belt - by Duncan Watterworth * A Personal Odyssey: Achieving the Peace with Surpasses all Understanding - by Don Hatch * In Pursuit of Inclusive Economic Growth

July 2017

O Canada! - by Goldwin Emerson * President's Remarks - Upcoming Wolf Hall Event * We Can Say 'Sesquicentennial' but Can We Say 'Values'? - by Madeline Weld * Much has Changed Since Our Centennial - by Don Hatch

June 2017

Interesting Perspective on Being Canadian * Why was the Boston Marathon Bombed? * Children of the Greatest Generation * Reforming Islam

May 2017

What Gives Life Meaning? * Can't Escape from Life's Big Questions? * More on the Lessons of History * Why Study Philosophy?

April 2017

Public Funding of Catholic Schools in Ontario * President's Remarks * Ontario Education Minister Mitzie Hunter Rejects Report * CRIPE and OPEN Combine to Oppose Funding of Catholic Schools in Ontario * Thunder Bay Catholic Schools to Get New Tracks and Fields * Religious Instruction is Not Mandatory in Catholic Schools

March 2017

Multiculturalism and Religions - by George Cherian * The Challenges of Islam * All Smiles at the Mosque: Getting a Handle on Christianity's Sister Religion - by Duncan Watterworth * Extreme Patriotism can be Messy - by Goldwin Emerson

February 2017

How I Became a Humanist - by Carl Goldberg * How I Became a Humanist - by Elizabeth Bright-See * Sources of Ethics and Morality - by Don Hatch * A Few Political Aphorisms

January 2017

A Timely Reminder of Humanist Principles * President's Remarks * How a Humanist Finds Purpose and Meaning in Life

December 2016

Celebrating the Winter Solstice * Will Solstice Celebrations Eventually Replace Christmas Celebrations?

November 2016

Ann Druyan's Comments on her Husband's Death * A Little History of Religion - Book Review by Don Hatch * A Wonderful Symmetry - by Don Hatch * Living Mindfully - by Duncan Watterworth * Apolitical Aphorisms

October 2016

The Lessons of History * President's Remarks * On the Economy * On Religion * Shifting Trends in Religion - by Goldwin Emerson

September 2016

2016 Wolf Hall Event * An Eye for an Eye - by Goldwin Emerson * A Swiss Handshake * Muslim Holiday Feels Like Christmas - by Duncan Watterworth * Monotheism: Godsend or Curse? * Isaac Asimov Quotes

August 2016

Raising Children * Children Learn What They Live - by Dorothy Law Nolte * Reasonable U.S. Gun Control Rules Still Not Accomplished - by Goldwin Emerson * Choosing Between Two Worlds, or More - by Duncan Watterworth * Humanist Ethics - by Rosslyn Ives

July 2016

O Canada

July 2016

Great Comparison * President's Remarks * What Makes a Heretic Tick? - by Adriaan Mak * Sun, Sand, and Satan: On the Beach in the Bible Belt - by Duncan Watterworth * On Toleration - by Adriaan Mak

June 2016

Wherefore Islam? * Striking at the Root: Getting at the Root of Islamic Jihad * Striking at Deeper Roots * Some Historical Facts about Islam - by Adriaan Mak * Who's that Knocking?: Facing the Big Questions Without Enough Evidence - by Duncan Watterworth

May 2016

Jesus of Nazareth: Son of God, Wise Teacher, or ... Impostor?

April 2016

Humanism and Philosophy * President's Remarks

March 2016

Wonders of the World * My Journey to Humanism - by Peter Evans * Interesting Information on the Christadelphians * Atheism For Dummies - book review by Don Hatch * Looking for a Black Cat

February 2016

Getting Off our Humanist Derrieres * Equality for Women * Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797): Forerunner for Humanism and Women's Rights - by Adriaan Mak * Sunday Assembly * Where do we Go? - by Alan Leangvan * The Silver Rule * Doubt

January 2016

Enlightenment on the Enlightenment Era * President's Remarks * David Hume (1711-1776) "The Virtuous Infidel": A Trailbreaker for Modern Humanism - by Adriaan Mak * Book Review: The Shape of the New, by S. L. Montgomery and D. Chirot - reviewed by Don Hatch * The Golden Age of Classical Athens

November 2015

Baruch Spinoza: A Trailbreaker for Modern Humanism - by Adriaan Mak * A Humanist Alternative to A.A.’s Twelve Steps - by B. F. Skinner * Niqab: Another Alternative - by Raheel Raza * Why Teachers Drink (Humorous student answers to examination questions)

September 2015

Ethics and Integrity in Politics * President's Remarks * Birth and Death - Two of Life's Significant Milestones * Declaration of the Principles of Humanist Canada

August 2015 - Special Issue

How I Became a Humanist  * Wendy Kennedy * Tom Kennedy * Imran Atta * All Religions are Human Creations - letter to London Free Press by George Cherian

July 2015

Sources of Ethics and Morality - by Don Hatch * President's Remarks * More on the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life - by Goldwin Emerson

June 2015

Book Review: Living the Secular Life by Phil Zuckerman - by Don Hatch * Christianity 101 - by Goldwin Emerson * Life is a Stream Evolving - poem by Pat Duffy Hutcheon

May 2015

A Rare 360 Degree Rainbow Captured From an Airplane * Who is Right and Who is Wrong about Rights? - by Goldwin Emerson * Proselytizing - by Don Hatch * Some Revealing Statistics * Lexophilia Provides a Few Laughs

April 2015

10 Commandments for Humanists, Freethinkers, and All Secularists * President's Remarks * Spirituality in Another Word - by Adriaan Mak * Steve Paikin Interview of Krauss and Dawkins on Spirituality * More on the Intriguing Subject of Spirituality - or Awe and Wonder - by Don Hatch * The Interdependent Web - by Goldwin Emerson * Starting to Get Realistic about Radical Islam

February 2015 - Special Issue

Three Religions - On God? * A Brief History of Judaism * A Brief History of Christianity * A Brief History of Islam * Reflections on the Qur'an * Actions for Humanists and Humanist Organizations * Alternatives to Monotheistic Religions * Religion versus Humanism - Quotes by Isaac Asimov

January 2015 - Special Issue

How I Became a Humanist and Wrote The Road Not Travelled - by Don Hatch

January 2015

On Humanist Spirituality - by Adriaan Mak * President's Remarks * God, Darwin and my College Biology Class - by David P. Barash * Problems Inherent in the Argument by Design - by Goldwin Emerson * Another Good Year

October 2014

Freethinkers' Fellowship * President's Remarks * The Humanism of the Italian Renaissance * HALA Display

August 2014

Despicable Atrocities * The Causes of Islamic Conflicts are Varied * Muslim Fundamentalism * What Can Be Done? * You Have to Love the Dutch * Where Are the Moderate Muslim Leaders?

July 2014

Plato - Greek Philosopher * President's Remarks *What is Philosophy and Why it Won't Go Away * Where Does Morality Come From? * The Future Role of Philosophy

June 2014

The 2014 HALA Wolf Performance Hall Event with Dan Barker * Losing Faith in Faith - by Goldie Emerson * Book Review of The Age of Atheists by Peter Watson * Thus Spake Friedrich Nietzche

May 2014

The Bonobo and the Atheist * Book Review of The Bonobo and the Atheist by Frans de Waal * Book Review of I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai * Humanist Officiants - by Adriaan Mak

April 2014

The Pale Blue Dot * President's Remarks * Why? * The Hidden Hand of Terror * HALA History: Celebrating Ten Years

March 2014

Results of HALA Membership Survey * A Heads-up For the Next HALA Wolf Hall Event

February 2014

How I Became a Humanist * Goldwin Emerson * Rod A. Martin

January 2014

America: What Went Wrong? * President's Remarks * Leadership * What is Politics? * Book Review of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan * The Thirty Year Gap in the Life of Jesus of Nazareth * Strategies for Humanists * Avoiding the Stresses of Christmas Time

October 2013

Spirituality - the Secular Kind * President's Remarks * Sharia Law and Religious Accommodation in Ontario Schools * Book Review of The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Free Thought by Susan Jacoby * Book Review of Age of Greed: The Triumph of Finance and the Decline of America by Jeff Madrick * Can the Middle Class be Revived?

August 2013

Immanuel Kant * President's Remarks * How We Will Live On - by R. J. (Bob) Thompson * Book Review of How to be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom * Euthanasia in Canada * The Abortion Issue

Special Issue July 2013

How I Became a Humanist * Arsenio Girón * Donald Hatch * Amelia Wehlau

July 2013

Issue Number 50 of The Enlightenment * President's Remarks * HALA Activities * Humanism - From Then to Now

Special Issue May 2013

The New Pope * President's Remarks * Questioning Traditional Christian Beliefs * Living Life to the Fullest

April 2013

The Curse of Religious Fundamentalism * President's Remarks * Muslims in Canada * Christian Religious Fundamentalism * The Path to a World without War is Possible * Debate on Public Funding of Catholic Schools

Special Issue February 2013

What Can Humanists Say to the Mothers of Newtown? * Whither Humanism?

January 2013

Michel de Montaigne * President's Remarks * Nature and Ethical Responsibility * The Evolution of Islam * Solstice Photos

Special Issue November 2012

The Selling and Marketing of Christianity * The Christ Delusion

October 2012

My Kind of Heaven * President's Remarks * A Momentous Breakthrough – Discovering the God Particle * The Ethics of War * Book Review of Free Thinkers: A History of American Free Thinkers

Special Issue July 2012

On the Environment: Who's Minding the Store? * President's Remarks * On Books * On Bridging the Gap * A Few Quotes

July 2012

Tarek Fatah – Political Activist, Writer and Broadcaster * President's Remarks * Remembering, by Marianne Nyhof * About Paul Dirac, by Garth Santor * The Protestant Work Ethic * Ontario Humanist Society Survey

Special Issue April 2012

On Religious Cults, Secularism and Politics * The Evolution of Mormonism * Did Early Christianity Begin as a Cult? * The Advantages of Secular Societies * A Tale of Two Societies: Scandinavian and American* The Senseless Contest to Select a Republican Presidential Candidate * What Lies Ahead?

April 2012

Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) Author, Journalist and Humanist * President's Remarks * Faith, Reason, and Atheism, by Rod Martin * Humanists Doing Good Work – Persistence Pays Off * Our Secular Crusade, by Dagmar Gontard-Zelinkova

January 2012

Journey's End * President's Remarks * Aging with Optimism * Book Review: The Swerve, by Stephen Greenblatt * Declaration of the Principles of Humanist Canada

Special Issue December 2011

2011 Solstice Celebration * A Winter's Tale - by Dagmar Gondard-Zelinkova * It's That Time of Year Again * It Has Been a Good Year

October 2011

The Wisdom, Common Sense, and Reasoning of Jean Meslier * President's Remarks * Michael Shreve's Translation of the "Testament" of Jean Meslier, reviewed by Donald Hatch * Dying With Dignity Meeting

July 2011

Paul Kurtz – Philosopher, Educator, Author, Humanist * President's Remarks * Capitalism Needs Controls to be Moral * The Lord's Prayer at Ontario Municipal Council Meetings * Secularism as a Guarantor of Social Harmony * On the Good(?) Death

Special Issue April 2011

Albert Schweitzer – Organist, Theologian, Philosopher and Physician * Two Contrasting Legacies of the Axial Age * Making a Case for Humanism by Attempting to Solve the Jesus Puzzle * The Jefferson Bible – A Very Interesting Document * A Most Interesting Question

April 2011

Les Philosophes * President's Remarks * Book Review: A Wicked Company by Philipp Blom * The Sweet and the Bitter * More Spirituality and Less Religion

January 2011

Dr. Robert Buckman * President's Remarks * The Human in Humanism * Bullying is not Fun for the Victim * The Power & Joys of Music * Some Things Should Never Change

Special Issue October 2010

Two Contrasting Legacies of the Axial Age: Grecian Philosophical Rationalism & Monotheistic Christianity * The Glory That Was Ancient Greece * The Invention of Christianity

September 2010

The Menace of Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism * President's Remarks * Book Review: The Armageddon Factor * Why do we Have this Dilemma? (DAH) * You May be Moral, But Are You Ethical? - by Goldwin Emerson * HALA Happenings

July 2010

The Journey from Belief to Non-belief * President's Remarks * Setting the Scene for Modifying Beliefs * Belief versus Non-belief * Happiness and Giving * Brainwashing

May 2010

Confucius – Chinese Sage and Humanist * President's Remarks * Book Review of Humanist Anthology by Margaret Knight * Some Thoughts on Humanism * Book review of God's Brain by Lionel Tiger and Michael McGuire * Who Is "Playing God" in the Euthanasia Debate? by Goldwin Emerson

April 2010

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970), Humanistic Psychologist * President's Remarks * Humanism in Norway * Humanists, Atheists and Agnostics: A Plea For Tolerance, by Dick Krupka * In Memoriam: Dr. Pat Duffy Hutcheon * Important Notice - HALA Charitable Status

March 2010

Buddhism – A Religion Without God * President's Remarks * Aweism * The Slow Road to Secularization * Humanism: A Long Past and a Short History, by Rod A. Martin * Humanist Association of London And Area – 2010 Membership Application

Special Issue January 2010

Religions -- Can a Civilized Society Exist Without Them? * Outgoing President's Remarks * Board of the Humanist Association of London & Area * Book Review of Society Without God by Phil Zuckermaned * What Can Be Learned From The Scandinavians? * The Reverend Gretta Vosper – Progressive Thinker * Is Humanism a Religion? by Don Santor

January 2010

Marie Curie – Physicist, Chemist and Agnostic * President's Remarks * Book Review of The Greatest Show on Earth By Richard Dawkins * Science as a Force for Morality? by Goldwin J. Emerson * Officiants to Lead Life's Milestone Celebrations * Invitation to HALA Members to Visit the Unitarian Fellowship of London * A Bucket of Shrimp

Special Issue November 2009

Why is God Still Here? * Books on God and Other Musings * The Evolution of Religions * Will Religions and Belief in God Increase or Decrease? * Strategies and Action for the Future

October 2009

Marcus Aurelius – Roman General, Emperor and Stoic Philosopher * President's Remarks * What is Humanism? by Dr. Rod Martin * Metamorphosis, book review of A Personal History of Awe

July 2009

Isaac Asimov, Professor of Biochemistry, Author and Humanist * President's Remarks * Book Review of Pat Duffy Hutcheon's Lonely Trail: The Life Journey of a Free Thinker * Maria's Musings by Maria Stuhlemmer * Getting Political * Words * Imagine

Special Issue May 2009

Secularism * President's Remarks * Why the Difference -- Why is Europe More Secular Than America? * What Can Humanists Conclude from Gregory Paul's Work? * Have Religions Become Dysfunctional? Yes, Says Alexander Saxton

April 2009

Arthur Schopenhauer * President's Remarks * Book Review: Godless - by Dan Barker * The Default Position, by Goldwin Emerson * On the Buses * The London Memorial Society - We Still Exist

Special Issue Winter 2009

The Wonders of Science * Learning About Science * The Wonders of Chemistry: What Are We Made Of? * The Wonders of Physics * The Science of Biology * The Science of Geology * The Science of Astronomy * The Science of Microbiology * Albert Einstein * Conclusions * Darwin Celebrations

January 2009

Percy Bysshe Shelley -- Poet and Humanist * Nominating Committee Report * Utopia * About Humanism in Canada * Life, Culture and Religion, by You-Sheng Li * Upcoming Meetings

October 2008

Simone de Beauvoir - French Philosopher and Author * President's Remarks * Camp Quest Ontario * A Report on the 2008 HAC Conference and Annual General Meeting * A Few Words About My Views on Humanism and Atheism, by Derek Kaill * Book Review: A Secular Age by Charles Taylor * Rites of Passage * Letter to the Editor * Up-coming HALA meetings

Special Issue 2008

Our Planet, Our Home * President's Remarks * Some of the Good Things * Some of the Not so Good Things * Religions and the Future of Humanism * Respecting and Protecting our Planet * In the News

July 2008

Carl Sagan -- Astronomer, Author, Humanist * President's Remarks * Accepting Darwin -- Why is it Taking so Long? * Some Statistics for Humanists * Book Review: How Jesus Became Christian - by Barrie Wilson * Future Meetings of the Humanist Association of London and Area * Humanist Association of London and Area Library

April 2008

Baron d'Holbach – Philosopher, Author and Encylopedist * President's Remarks * Dr. Murray Pearson Hoover * "Do Humanists Experience Wonder?" by Goldie Emerson * Future Meetings * HALA Website * Declaration of Humanist Principles * More Quotes

January 2008

Harold Koehler - Humanist and Humanitarian (1924 - 2007) * President's Remarks * Letter to the Editor re: "Humanism and Religion" by Jim Cranwell * Letter to the Editor re: "Humanism and Religion" by Bob Harrington * A Thank You to Contributors * Report on the Humanist Association of Canada's Annual General Meeting Held at Milton Ontario on October 6th 2007 * Book Review of Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson, review by Don Hatch * Papal Gobbledygook

November 2007

Benedict De Spinoza -- Philisopher and Lens Maker * President's Remarks * Some Thoughts on Humanism as the Basis for Religion * Some More Thoughts on Humanism as the Basis for Religion * Thus Spoke Frederich Nietzsche * Rites of Passage * Up-coming Meetings * Brunch

August 2007

Julian Huxley: Evolutionary Biologist, Author and Humanist * President's Remarks * Some Comments on "Should Humanism be Considered a Religion" * Julian Huxley's Evolutionary Humanism * The Future of Humanism * Up-coming Meetings * Africa * How Can I Look the Same When I Feel So Different Inside? * Declaration of Humanist Principles

May 2007

Epicurus -- Philosopher and Scientist * President's Remarks * Should Humanism be Considered a Religion? * Letter To the Editor of the Enlightenment * Atheists in the News * The Bone Boxes * The Catholic Hierarchy Just Won't Listen to Reason * Time for Brunch * Making Progress * Up-Coming Meetings * What do Teachers Make? * A Few Quotes

February 2007

John Stuart Mill -- Philosopher and Political Economist * President's Remarks * The God Delusion: Fact or Fiction? * Is There a Loving Creator God? A Debate of Dr. Bruce Tallman and Dr. Goldwin Emerson * Up-Coming Meetings * Volunteers * The Eternal Questions of Human Kind * A Few Quotes * Some Comic Relief

November 2006

David Hume -- Philosopher (1711-1776) * President's Remarks * Opinion Piece * Quotes * Up-coming Meetings * When God Goes to War, by Karen Armstrong

August 2006

Richard Dawkins: Evolutionary Biologist, Ethnologist and Author * President's remarks * Editorials * Some Humanist Thoughts About Morality * Why is it Taking so Long? * Up-coming Meetings * The Witty Senior Citizen * Pantheism * What can Humanists Learn from Pantheism * A Little Bit of Humour

May 2006

Robert Green Ingersoll: American Orator and Lawyer * President's remarks * Up-Coming Meetings * Humanist Blessings * Changes in the Concept of God Through Ten Decades in the Life of Jacqueleen Emerson, Humanist * Crude Words - by Derek Kaill * Memberships * Lessons I Learned From My Grandfather - by Hilary Cunningham

February 2006

Thomas Paine: Intellectual, Scholar, Revolutionary and Idealist * President's remarks * Haiti...A Country in Crisis * Haiti's President Ousted for Refusing to Privatize Key Services - by Naomi Klein * The Shell Game - by Goldwin (Goldie) Emerson * Do We Need Nature? - by Goldwin Emerson * Memberships * Up-Coming Meetings

November 2005

Pat Duffy Hutcheon: A Canadian Philosopher, Sociologist, and Educator * President's Remarks * Religious Identification Survery * Something Missing - by Donald Hatch * Report on the October 13th Meeting * Declaration of Humanist Principles

August 2005

John Dewey: Philosopher and Educationalist * President's Remarks * Morgentaler Honoured *  Important Notice * Past Event * Looking Ahead * Some Enlightenment on the Enlightenment * Report on the 2005 Humanist Association of Canada Conference in Ottawa * What Went Wrong? - by Don Hatch * A Couple of Quotes

May 2005

Bertrand Russell: A Mathematician and a Philosopher * President's Remarks * Looking Ahead * Past Meetings * Some Questions Answered and Some Answers Questioned - by Goldwin Emerson * Sin and Ethical Behavior * Principles

April 2005

President's remarks * Introductory Remarks * Up-coming Meetings * Editorial * Unitarian Principles * Humanist Principles * A Rose by Any Other Name - by Goldwin Emerson * A Few Quotations * A Little Bit of Humour: How the Internet Really Began